Turquoise EP

by Smoke Screen x Urbindex

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Smoke Screen & Urbindex deliver their first official project together. The 4 track EP entirely produced by Urbindex, touches on Experimental Hip Hop with Uptempo Electronic elements, creating the perfect back drop for Smoke Screen's quick paced flow. Featuring the Urbindex assisted Buju Banton and crowd favorite Morado.

Morado MUSIC VIDEO: bit.ly/1KZN0A4


released February 5, 2013

All beats by Urbindex
Smoke Screen vocals recorded by Phenom at West41stSide
Urbindex vocals recorded by Sean Dorian
Mixing and Mastering by Urbindex




Alloy-X Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Fuss Wit It
Fuss Wit This/ Wit Eruptions Quick/ Bustin Shit/
Percussion Hits/
Production Tips/ In Abundance Bitch/ Drums And Kicks By The Hundreds With/
808 Knock For The Low End/ And I Gotta Rock From The Top While I Go In/
When The Beat Drop Then You Already Know That We In It TIl The End/ With The Forward Motion/
Cleveland Coastin/ Nautica Floatin/ Trees Get Roasted/ Particle Blowin/
Lit Up An L And We Started To Flow Then/ 5 Years Later And The Party Still Goin/
Green Light Glowin/ Never Known Stop Or No/
Hot Box Closed Spots With Obnoxious Dro/
Gotta A Whole Lot The Whole Block Can Blow/
Cleveland Flow Give It To Em Hot & Cold/
Nag Champa Smoke/ In The Cooler Tho/ Who You Know/ Doper Than F/C Nobody Does It Better/
Ninety Eight/ Warren And Nate Dogg Together/
On My Splinter Shit So Bet We Get Shredder/
Technodrome/ Take No Prisoners/
Set To Go/ Stand And Diliberateley/
Shut The Whole Fleet Down/ Consider It/
Done/ You Can Figure It Out Fuss Wit It A Bit/
Trust/ That I'm Leavin Em In The Dust/ With Every Single Second Sylable That I Bust/
C Town Shit Through The Halls Of Brush/ Up On Your History When You Fssin' Wit Us/
OC Shit By The Jar Orange Crush/ See Me By The End Of The Bar Po Up Yup/
Gpen Steeze/ And Cigars And Such/ Fuss With The Volume Level Turn It Up Let It Bump/

I Fuss Wit This/ You Fuss Wit This/

Stomp Em Out Like Roaches Cuz These Rodents In My Way/
Killin' Anything That's Movin 41st Side Is The Gang/
Ayo I Fuss With This/ Turn Up To This/ I'm Out The Park You Bunt To Hit/
I'm Back To Back And Tripling/ And That's Just Off Adrenaline/
If I Wasn't Rapping Baby/ I Would Still Be Actin' Wavy/
Doin' Dabs & Trappin' Daily/
Urbindex On The Beat And It's crazy/
Uhhhh! Now Whatcha Know About Them Street Sharks/
Livin' That American Splendor Like Harvey Pekar/
Swat Em Just Like Flies/ Cuz They On That Trash/
I Ain't Got To Lie/ Off In The Cut Just Like A Gash/
With The Lemon Juice And Alcohol/
Sprinkle It Wit A Pinch Of Salt/
Think About That Feelin'/
That's How It Is When You Get Involved/
Underestimate Us Is Somethin' You Shouldn't Do/
You Could Vaporize Your Life Away/ All Of Us Got The Juice/
Nectar, Tropicana, Welches/ But Never From Concentrate/
Rap Game So Cold/ Make Microphones Condensate/

I Fuss Wit This/ You Fuss Wit This/
Track Name: Candy Flip
Yes I'm Feelin' Excellent/
Vocals Raspy & Resonant/
Avoid The Crab People/
Stay Sucka Free At My Residence/
Very Far/ Miles Away/
Vamanos/ Andale/
Cheddar Block/ Monterey
Chop It Up/ Dominate
Yes It's Lookin Desolate/
You Might Encounter Detriment/
Cleveland Is The City/
I'm A Living Breathing Testament/
Crush A Bit/ Little Bit/
Eat A Cap/ Take A Trip/
Vaporize/ Ain't No Smoke/
Grab A Bag/ Take A Dip/
I Should Run For President/
Broken Keys As My Runnin' Mate/
Urbindex As Intelligence/
Ghost Noises As Head Of State/
Passin' Bills/ Legislate/
Legalize/ Regulate/
Warren G/ Michael Mac/
Can't Forget/ Dat Nigga Nate/
No You Not The Same As Us/
Simply No Comparison/
Feelin' Like A King Pin/
I Think I'm Woody Harrelson/
Champion/ Heavy weight
Judo Chop/ Meditate/
Killin' Shit/ Homicide/
Hockey Mask/ Crystal Lake/

Drop Hot Hits Like 10 Strips Dipped In Hot Sauce/
Knock Your Socks Off/ Imagination Like Bob Ross/
Candy Flip Candy Flip [2x]

My Whole Night Was A Blur/ Still Tryin To Find My Ice Cold Water/
Late Nite On The Ave/ Back Workin The Graveyard Shift/
Hit Snack Attack Jack For That Midnight Snack/
It Don't Stop Til You Know The Maker/ Bright Lights And Smoke & Lasers/
Dial El On My Cell And Tell Him That Retrograde Is On It's Way/ Sorry For The Delay/
Alloy-X So What You Expect/ We Come Correct/ With Nothin' But The Fresh/ Dopeness/ From Smoke Screen And Dex/
Show Some Respect/
The Mic Cord Alonzo Mourning No Warning/
We Run It Thru A 404 To Distort It After Recording/
Reporting Live From Ground Negative Five Hundred And Forty/ Subteranen Titanium Trains They Are Now Boarding/
Gold Lampin On The Third Floor Area Rug/ Heavy Delay On The Mic To See What It Sound Like/
Intergallactic/ International Passengers/
Crash Landed On Fractions Of This Rock That We're All Packed In/

Drop Hot Hits Like 10 Strips Dipped In Hot Sauce/
Knock Your Socks Off/ Imagination Like Bob Ross/
Candy Flip Candy Flip [2x]
Track Name: Buju Banton (Feat. Urbindex)
Boom Bye Bye Mash It Up Like I'm Buju/
Hit The 412 Bass Drop Like Buku/
Not To Confuse You/ This Be Dat New New/
I Flip It So Different So Crazy & Skitz/ I Got A Couple Screws Loose/
And I'm Shittin' On Em Like I'm Sippin' On Some Prune Juice/
You Know I Been Stuntin' Since The Comic View With Bruce Bruce/
Extra Ordinary/ Yes I Am Not What You're Used To/
Hit Em With That Rum Punch/
While I Do My One-Two/
Just Gimme The Light And I Will Put The Fire Pon You/
Haters Wanna Watch Me/ Cuz I Move Like A Don Fool/
Original Don Datta/ Vaporize Shotta/
Smoke Screen & Urbindex/ Comin For Ya! (Blocka)
Givin' It To Ya Raw/ We Break Em Something Off Proper/
Red, Yellow, Green/ I May Seem Like A Rasta/
But I Ain't Got No Dreadlocks/ Sunshine That's My Headshop/
Gangsta Leanin'/ While I'm Dreaming/
Colorado Red Rocks/

I'm Goin' Buju In The Spot Peep The Footwork/
Your Boy Jumpin' In The Crowd Out The Woodwork/
Party In The CLE/ Party In The Bean/
Very Based Very Rare When I Hit The Scene/
Hop Hoppin' Off The Red-Eye Flight/
Black Hoody On Lookin' Like A Jedi Knight/
I'm A/ Light Sabers And Smoke & Lasers Connoisseur/
Bangin' Beats And Makin' Your Neighbors Pound The Floor/ [Buck Buck]
Ballin' Like Shinin' Like Whateva/
Said It Twice But Can You Get It Right Neva Eva/
If You Don't Know Young Dex By Now/ You Should Probably Check Alloy-X Right Now/
Like Wow/ Turn It Up To 11 When I'm Reppin' That/
Shocking The Crowd The Front Row Steppin' Back/
When We In The Function/ 911 Shit/
Sirens And Airhorns For Anyone That Wants It/

Yeah I'm Takin Some/ You Can Make Me One With Jamaican Rum/
Ate Some Bacon/ Now We Wake And Bake It Like The Blazing Sun/
Buju Banton Appetite My Smoothie Weighs A Ton/
Young I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Producin Banging Drums/
Slangin' Cajun Chicken Rolls/ Slaying Stages At Diffrent Shows/
No Limits Like Mystikal/ Only More Unpredictable/
Look Who It Is It's Mr Fol/ Gers You Better Sip It Slow/
Shout Outs To The Gaurd Religiously Out Here Flippin Joes/
We Like It Crispy Tho/ Golden Fried And Delicious Flow/
Viscous Like Sid Is With Rice And Chicken I'm So Busog/
As It Could Be Needle Drop On The Wav File/
Backstage Wildin' We Keep It Hazey With Vape Clouds/
All Access With Hats Off To The People Tho/
Took A Bit Of Promo But Dammit They Here To See The Show/
We Might Play Last And Get This Booking Cash/
I Seen Her With A J But Still I Had To Vape The Hash/
Track Name: Morado
Cut The Check And Scratch A Lotto Think I'm Finna Rap For Tacos/
Then I'll Tell Em Pass The Nachos/ But You Gotta Ask For Guac Tho/
Fill A Tank Of Propane We Chillin On The Hill With Hank/
Dang It Bobby Tryna To Make A Million Like I'm Phillip Banks/
To Kill A Snake You Cut The Head The Body Still Awake/
The 808'll Make The Speakers Shake Like A Brazilian Quake/
Eat The Beat Like Buttered Steak Up On My Dinner Plate/
It Ain't No Other Smoking Pinner Jays Up On The Innerstate/
Ain't No Beginner Straight To DVD We Been Awake/
Ain't Never Been Afraid To Bring The Pain Just Like Hot Nickels Say/
I Click The Page And Send A Submission To Get Some Plays/
You Got A Nice Mic Tone That's What The Critics Say/
I Need A Frickin Raise So Many Consistent Days/
Consecutive Shifts I Slave On So Who Can Lift My Pay/
Now While I Drift Away I'll Hit This Spliff And Think Today/
Dissmiss What I Had Missed And Still Know Ignorance Is Bliss In Ways/

Everything Morado/ Cadi El Dorado/ [2x]
M-O-R-A-D-O [2x]

Do You Really Wanna Know About Some Gangsta Shit?/ Everything Morado When You Fussin' With Me/
From The Shells To The Trees By The L's And The B's/
Need My Money Up Front Cuz Ain't Nothin' For Free/
Put The Wax In The Pen And We Crush The Streets/
And The Fact Is We Been Turnin' Up The Heat/
Make It Hot One Time/ Hear That Airhorn Sound/ Turn A Square Into A Pi And Get Up Out Your Seat/
Colder Than Gelato/
Nuggets Avocado/
Higher Than The Altitude Of Boulder, Colorado/
Alloy-X Collective/ Immediate Effective/
Dominate Is The Objective/ Anything Less Is Subjective/
Did Ya Ever Think A Playa Rock A Microphone?/
This Life Chose Me, This Ain't The Life I Chose/
You Can Tell How My Aura Be Shining Tho/
I Got Ice Cold Water In My Styrofoam/
I Know It's Been A Little While Shouldn't A Left You Lone/
Leave The Scene Smellin' Like Blue Chanel Cologne/
Now I'm On The Phone Just Left The Yard/
Keep That Morado Up In The Jar/
Ask About Me They'll Say I'm Raw/
Even Go As Far And Make Ya Thank Lord/
You Ain't Half As Nice In Fact Not At All/
Finna Grab The Rice & Get It Poppin' Off/
That's Word To Jody/ Everybody Know Me/
One Half Of Smoke Screen/ The One & Only/
So Much Morado Feel Like I'm Kobe/
Finna Shoot The J At The Buzzer Homie/

Everything Morado/ Cadi El Dorado/ [2x]
M-O-R-A-D-O [2x]